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The brand


Welcome to Ropachica,

A clothing line designed for girls, understanding “girl” as an attitude and not an age.

Our philosophy is simple; We work every day to offer you a collection of garments that make you feel beautiful, comfortable and confident in yourself. Garments “that accompany you” and reveal your personality. Simple garments with a very careful pattern in which the selection of fabrics is essential to provide that different and special touch. Classics renewed in their forms to adapt to street trends. We follow fashion, but we are not “fashionistas”. All the garments stand the test of time, they are not “throwaway”, the quality and versatility of the clothing means that they can be worn campaign after campaign and we love that.

Its creator, Carola Huidobro, graduated with Honors from the Madrid Higher Center for Fashion Design belonging to the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

He began his career with the opportunity that Loewe gave him to do an internship in their offices in Madrid. The time at the prestigious company made the love for well-made things "etched in stone" in the designer and since then that idea has always been present in all the work she has done.

After 18 years of dedication to the design and manufacture of accessories and with the inspiration of his daughter Carola, he felt the need for a change and created Ropachica. Over time, her daughter has grown and Ropachica has grown with her until she has become what she is now.

If you want to meet us and see our collection, we are waiting for you at our store and workplace on Calle Campoamor 6 in Madrid.

Thanks for your visit.


We are aware that the impact of the textile and clothing industry on the environment is great. Fast fashion – the constant supply of new styles at very low prices – has caused a huge increase in the amount of clothing produced and discarded.

ROPACHICA is a fashion brand designed and created in Madrid. All the garments are made in Spain and a small part in Portugal and our way of being sustainable is to be local and small.

Our commitment and way of collaborating with responsible consumption is to propose a responsible offer ;

  • Make small productions of each model, avoiding large stocks and excessive liquidations of garments that end up on other continents, creating imbalances in your own industry.
  • Buy fabrics from European suppliers; Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.
  • Manufacture in Spain and a small part in Portugal.
  • Make fashion that follows trends and has a timeless touch so that you can wear it campaign after campaign without getting bored of it.
  • Generate wealth in our environment. We know all our suppliers personally, we consider them all as part of the “Ropachica Team” and we always try to ensure that working relationships are fair and lasting.
  • Deal directly with our clients, the women who wear our clothes. Our store on Calle Campoamor in Madrid is also our workplace. There we prepare the collections and we assist and advise you on everything you need.

We understand that sustainability is everyone's business, not only for those who produce but also for those who consume.

We leave you here our commitment. You decide yours 😊